IMG_1854One of my FAVORITE things is lined-dried sheets. They smell and feel so fresh and clean. And soon, I’ll be enjoying those sheets on a new mattress in Sundown.

Clay and I took a trip to Boulder Comforts (A.K.A. Foam Source) today and ordered mattresses for the pullman and aft berths (i.e., our bedroom and the guest room). Boulder Comforts not only sells standard-size mattresses for home use, it also makes custom-size mattresses for RVs and boats. IMG_1852As a matter of fact, the U.S. Coast Guard orders mattresses for their ships from Boulder Comforts. WHO KNEW that I could find a company to make special, weird-size mattresses for a boat right down the road in Boulder?!? And apparently they do a really good job if the Coast Guard does business with them.

We worked with Matt, who knows A LOT about sleeping surfaces. He gave us the rundown of our options. For our pullman berth, we choose a natural latex foam with an organic cotton and organic wool quilted, zippered cover. The combination allows the mattress to breath and wick away moisture in an hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial way. We stepped down to a more standard firm foam with a hinged cotton and zippered cover for the aft berth. The hinge is important because our batteries and the water heater are located under this berth and we want to have quick access if necessary. Don’t worry! It will still provide a comfy night’s sleep for guests.

IMG_1853We went prepared with exact paper patterns of the two berth areas complete with exactly where we want the seam in the aft berth mattress and the angle degree needed for the outside edge of the pullman berth mattress (if you’re not familiar with the typical sailboat wall structure, they are curved and match the shape of the hull, thus, the one edge of the mattress will be curved, too).

What really surprised me was how big of mattresses we need. I expected the pullman berth would need about a full-size mattress and the aft berth just bigger than a twin. I was SO wrong. The pullman berth mattress will be cut from a KING-size mattress; the aft berth requires nearly a full-size mattress. That sounds so spacious!

I was delighted when we got to tour the actual factory where the mattresses are made. However, the quilted cover we ordered for our bed will be made in Louisiana and then shipped to Boulder to be placed on the foam core. Had we ordered a simple organic cotton cover, it would have been made right there in the Boulder factory. Either way, we’ll take delivery of our new sleeping platforms in about a month.

In the meantime, I’ll be dreaming of being rocked to sleep on our new bed with yummy sheets to make it all perfect. Oh, and my best friend will be beside me. Bliss!

paintWe made another big decision. We decided to paint a couple of the walls in our house to change their color from eggplant purple to a more neutral color. You might be wondering how deciding to paint a couple walls qualifies as a “big” decision. You also might be wondering what in the world that decision has to do with a sailboat. Well, in our case, it has A LOT to do with a sailboat. Continue Reading »

savethedateAbout a month or so ago, Kim and I were dining at our favorite restaurant, Los Tarascos. Kim has been ramping up her already well-established business, KBC Communications, and is settling into the groove. She felt so “in the groove” that she stated, “we need to set a date.” I agreed that we should and with that she said, “How about September 1?” Continue Reading »

Photo by Elliott Bay Yacht Sales

Photo by Elliott Bay Yacht Sales

I know, I know. I’m WAY behind in updating you on our progress. That’s because we’ve been busy working on that progress or working to pay for the progress. Both are so time consuming. I promise to add new photos soon and let you know what’s new on Sundown. In the meantime, here’s a great review about how well suited she is for blue water sailing.



Woot! It’s a day of celebration at Port Sundown. We made our final boat payment! Sundown is all ours. Well actually, we’ve had Sundown’s title since we bought her. We took out a loan against one of our 401k retirement accounts and paid for her in full, so the monthly payments with interest we’ve been making have been to ourselves. Still, it feels great knowing we’re finished paying off that loan, because now we have that much more money each month to invest in refurbishing Sundown and getting her ready for our cruising adventure. Our ticket to ride–or sail–feels that much more real. Yea!


KBC logo


We’ve taken one more step to launch us in the direction of living full time on Sundown, our Hans Christian 33t sailboat. Continue Reading »

Sailboat on Grand Lake

Clay and I are celebrating our 12-year anniversary today. In some ways it feels like we got married only a couple years ago. In another, it seems we’ve always been together. Either way, it’s all great! Continue Reading »


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