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We’re getting close!

TakeChargeWCI know. I know. It’s been TOO long since we posted an update. We’re really busy getting ready to do this make-our-boat-our-primary-residence thing in September, so the blog, once again, has taken a backseat for now. (In the meantime, follow us on Facebook for more frequent news and photos: www.facebook.com/sundownsailingadventures.)

But since I’m here, let me share what we’ve been doing or are doing:

1) We’re in communication with a couple different boat transport companies and getting close to deciding whether we’ll begin on the east coast or the west coast. I can’t wait to get this figured out as this is the #1 question people ask.

2) Tim and Kathy Townsley of Townsley Upholstery, Loveland, came to the boat and made patterns for the new cushions they’re making for our settee and dining area. We take delivery of the cushions in August.

3) We picked up our custom mattresses from Boulder Comforts, so they’re ready to place in the boat once the construction dust settles.

4) We’re meeting with a lettering artist who’ll create Sundown’s name and port of hail signage.

5) I’m going shopping for fabric so I can make curtains to draw across our berth and the aft berth’s doorway, plus some coordinating thrown pillows. (I know that doesn’t sound important, but I’ve been waiting for this phase of the project because it’s fun for me.) I’ve also decided how I’m going to make curtains for our portlights. I will write just about those window treatments once they’re constructed, as I think our solution is creative and there doesn’t seem to be many examples of curtains for traditional portlights on the Internet, and believe me, I’ve searched!

6) Clay’s preparing to put down the new teak deck (like literally going to install it over the next four days). He’s had the teak cut and ready to go for at least a couple of months, but Colorado’s wet spring and early summer have delayed the installation till now.

7) All of the teak on the outside of the boat that will be varnished IS varnished!

There’s so much more that’s been accomplished recently that I’m having a hard time remembering it all. But rest assured, once we’re settled on the boat, we’ll get caught up on writing about the more technical processes that Clay’s used to refurbish Sundown.

So, what big projects are left? At the top of my mind are repairing and gel coating the top sides and painting the boot stripe. Oh, and the engine will be pulled out soon and inspected/overhauled. While that’s happening, Clay and I will clean the engine compartment, paint it and put up new sound board. We’ll tackle all of these projects once the deck’s down…in the next 10’ish weeks!!!

Once we get to wherever it is we’re launching from, we’ll sew/assemble a bimini (like an awning for the cockpit area of the boat), install solar panels, purchase and install our navigation, have the sails inspected and repaired/replaced if necessary, and more.

Another aspect of this whole phase of our adventure is getting the house ready to sell and liquidating STUFF! I haven’t moved for 21+ years, and while I purge unnecessary clutter on a regular basis, there’s still much to sift through and get rid of. And no, we are not getting a storage unit for anything. The few things we want to keep (photo albums, some framed artwork and a couple pieces of furniture) will be cared for by our kids.

We really are taking charge and getting closer to making our dreams a reality. Exciting times!

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Green, dull, 30-year-old built-up tarnish. This was the state of everything bronze on Sundown."Green" tarnish remover = 1:1 flour and salt. Add enough vinegar to make a paste.

“No problem,” I thought. “Surely there’s a solution like Tarn-X we can just dip all those port lights, fixtures and hardware in. They’ll be back to their showroom shine in no time.” Well, that was a nice delusion. (more…)

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We like ’em short & sweet

Quote of the day: “I’ve heard it said a good blog is like a mini-skirt; short enough to be interesting, but long enough to cover the subject.”

We subscribe to this philosophy. Subscribe to our blog to find out it’s true! (sundownsailing.wordpress.com)

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