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sunlit bluff

We needed a break from the daily grind and headed for the closest really warm spot we know – the desert in southern Utah. While we didn’t do any sailing, we did enjoy a lot of sun, fun, peace and quiet. Truly, the silence was remarkably deafening!  So was the music we listened to during the road trip. We cranked up Paul Simon and U2. You can enjoy the ride by watching a couple videos we filmed during our adventure (see below). And here’s a short list of where we went and what we did; the photo gallery will tell the rest of the story. (more…)

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Sailboats often are associated with a life of ease, rest and relaxation, and tasty umbrella drinks, right? Wrong! I’m not finding that to be the case, yet. What I have found is sailboats require making some sacrifices. (more…)

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