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As we prepare the boat to “splash” today–another huge life event–I want to share some thoughts that have been racing through my mind…

So it isn’t every day that you quit your job of 19 years, quit your profession of 25 years, sell your house and everything in it, and move to another state to live on a boat.

Additionally, can you imagine leaving your kids, parents, friends, dog (he’s living with Grandma with frequent visits from the boys) and comfort zone? This is exactly what Kim and I have done. We loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly…or um, Bellingham.

We are not the locals here. We can go anywhere in town and no one knows us. That’s unusual. Also, we’re not the experts in sailing, marine navigation or the local culture. We are the newbies.

Lots of people ride bikes here. We’re happy to see that. People we’ve talked to also are excited that we have a Hans Christian sailboat and we’re feeling welcome so far.

We are starting fresh in a new town, state and lifestyle that will allow us to live life to the fullest and share our blessing with friends and family.

We are out of our comfort zone. Bring it on!

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Lest you think I’ve been slacking and abandoned my New Year’s intention of writing more just because it’s been a couple of months since my last post, guess again.

I’ve been writing plenty, just not about our boat-renovation adventures. You see, until Sundown is ready to launch, my husband and I have to do this thing called work for a living (we’ll have to do that once we launch, too, but hopefully it will feel different). Much of what I do to pay the bills involves a variety communications efforts (I expect that to continue in boat life). Here’s a sampling of what’s been keeping me busy: (more…)

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