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FullSizeRender-5Well, it was a big morning in the life of Sundown the sailboat. Her diesel engine was pulled and inspected by our friend, Sean Jennings, a top-notch diesel mechanic and all-around great guy. The process to get the engine out first required draining all the fluids and dismounting it. Our friend, John Betz, helped Clay do that yesterday. Today, a flatbed tow truck from Scott’s Towing hauled a fork lift to Sundown’s side. The fork lift was fitted with a long extension and a heavy-duty chain pulley was used to lift the engine from Sundown’s belly. All involved donned their nerves of steel as this was a . Once the engine was safe and secure on the flatbed, Sean gave the engine a once over and then his stamp of approval. It’s ready to rev!

Now the engine compartment will be cleaned, painted and lined with new soundown, and then the process will be reversed to reposition the engine in its proper place.

Check out all the photos in our Photo Gallery.

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