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Colorado is under a “Winter Storm Warning” this weekend so it’s perfect weather to take a three-day League of American Bicyclists instructor course, don’t you think? Good, because that’s exactly what Clay and I are going to do. (more…)

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Sailboats often are associated with a life of ease, rest and relaxation, and tasty umbrella drinks, right? Wrong! I’m not finding that to be the case, yet. What I have found is sailboats require making some sacrifices. (more…)

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Since my husband and I bought our boat, Sundown, and began refitting her for blue-water cruising and life aboard, I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon: people cannot wrap their brains around the idea that we will one day sell our home, quit our jobs and sail into the sunset. (more…)

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As a “seasoned” boat buyer, I can formulate a plan of attack to find acceptable boats, get them inspected, offer advice to sellers and even get a sailing trip out of the deal with an efficiency that may border on illegal. (If you think I’m kidding, read on!) (more…)

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Our first boat-warming gift!

We received our first boat-warming gift this week! (more…)

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Anne Chaisson, January 6, 1953-July 31, 2011

Unfortunately, I attended the memorial service of a sweet friend and colleague this afternoon who died unexpectedly last Sunday at the young age of 58–only 10 years older than myself. She was a social worker at our county’s health department and devoted to serving others.

My friend grew up in Maryland and lived much of her early life either in or on the water. She was a competitive swimmer for her local YMCA and, as her obituary states, “…was a remarkably daring and graceful diver…Her love of the water brought her to work as the director of swimming and waterfront activities and safety at YMCA Camp Tockwogh on the Chesapeake.” At today’s service, her brother said she also was in charge of the girls sailing camp. (more…)

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A Stormy Lake Superior

In Part One of this story, I made the analogy between buying a boat and the tips found in a July 2010 Sailing magazine article about “Steering by Compass,” which are: (more…)

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Editors Note: Since many of you reading this are not familiar with boats and marine terminology (it’s okay; I’m still learning myself), I’ve added some parenthetic explanations where I think they might be helpful.


I just read an article in the July 2010 (yes, 2010 – that’s not a typo) issue of Sailing magazine about “Steering by Compass.” The tips it offers about how to steer a boat “…along one of the 360 degrees…marked on the compass” seem analogous to life and, for us, how we found our boat: (more…)

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1982 Hans Christian 33t

As of July 14, 2011, my husband and I are the proud owners of Sundown, a 1982 Hans Christian 33t. She’s a traditional sailing vessel who’s been only day sailed and used lightly, but slightly neglected for several years.

The systems need updating and Sundown needs to be equipped for the blue-water sailing for which she was designed and how we intend to use her. (more…)

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