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IMG_1242We left Anacortes, Washington, July 20…FINALLY!  We are out for a much-needed six-week cruise in beautiful British Columbia. Clay has been working nonstop on a 70-foot Nordlund as a project manager with the Anacortes Marina Group. While the work is rewarding, it is time for a break.

Our goal, beyond relaxing and getting away from U.S. news, is to go places we haven’t been before and perhaps get clarity about what’s next–IF it’s time for something else to be next. But for now, we’ll be like Missing Persons: Destination Unknown (take a listen).

We cleared Canadian customs in Bedwell Harbour on South Pender Island. It is an easy call-in procedure and the agents on the other end of the line seem to expect that we are traveling together on Sundown. We anchored there for a couple of nights.

sunset bedwell

Sunset in Bedwell Harbour

While there, we enjoyed dinner at the Poets Cove Resort. Clay said his calamari tacos were cooked perfectly. The next day, we paddled our kayaks to Port Browning for some fresh produce—a fun five-mile round-trip journey. When we returned to Sundown, our friends Bob and Dina on s/v Silverado came into anchor. We met them on the west coast of Vancouver Island a couple of years ago. It’s fun when paths cross again.

Here is a short video of the fun we had paddling: https://youtu.be/fjWLIqah3MY.

From Bedwell Harbor we sailed with wind behind us to a sweet little notch between the Secretary Islands, which are immediately north of Wallace Island–one of our favorite spots. Clay went fishing, but only caught one rock fish too small to keep. I paddled down to Wallace and hiked from the north to the south end of the island and back again. After a couple of nights, we motored over to the lovely port of Ladysmith.


Sundown at anchor between the Secretary Islands

The main street is charming (many movies have been filmed here). We grabbed a few more groceries and I stumbled upon some Peruvian yarn that I had to have. Last night we enjoyed dinner on s/v Silverado with our friends Bob and Dina.bobanddina This morning, we made a short hop back south to Telegraph Harbour for a couple of nights. We plan to take the ferry across Stuart Channel to Chemainus tomorrow and then we’ll go to Maple Bay to visit more friends.

Where in the world is Sundown?

Thanks to our Garmin InReach, you can follow our travels to see where we are day to day. We also will check back in to share photos and more videos. Till then!


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