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Sundown in Emily Bay.

I woke the morning we were going to make the next big leap north toward Alaska feeling confident and ready. But as we crossed the north entrance of Raymond  Passage out of Shearwater on Denny Island, I had an overwhelming gut feeling we needed to immediately change direction. I said as much to Clay and we did. Rather than continue out and around Price Island and up Hecate Strait, we went the opposite direction up Return Channel (the name was not lost on me) to Emily Bay in Briggs Inlet. It’s a beautiful spot surrounded by granite walls and high forested mountains with a small river at its head. Perhaps, for whatever reason, north British Columbia is meant to be our destination, not Alaska.


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Needing a break from the daily grind, Clay and I took off for the hills with Seren, our Golden Retriever. With backpacks loaded, we “sailed” up the West Branch Trail in the Rawahs (more…)

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Since my husband and I bought our boat, Sundown, and began refitting her for blue-water cruising and life aboard, I’ve noticed an interesting phenomenon: people cannot wrap their brains around the idea that we will one day sell our home, quit our jobs and sail into the sunset. (more…)

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